I have always loved working with HTML5 animations.

So naturally, I jumped in on the opportunity to animate “FASHION FAUX PAS FOR  YOUR NEXT JOB INTERVIEW”, that I have designed a while back ago.
In my career, I have tried several different tools designed for a purpose of making creating HTML5 files easier.
Those tools include:
Adobe Edge Animate ( I am so sad Adobe stopped developing this product, I loved it)
Adobe Animate
and few others.
One day while doing my regular research on design tools and trends I learned about Tumult Hype and I wanted to give it a try.
And loved it!
Hype makes creating HTML5 animations and interactions super easy!
Tumult Hype 3.6 Interface
The is a timeline that controls animations. Actually, where is not only one timeline, you can create as many timelines as you want!
Why would I want to create many different time lines you might ask.
To create interactive elements I answer.
Any element in Hype could have added functionality. Simply use Actions Tap to add links, jump to a next scene or jump to a new timeline!
Hype makes creating responsive layouts user easy. You can easily add screen breakpoint to your layout.
See a short video sample of what my infographic looks like on a full screen below, or few full size interactive version here!
Hype also allows inserting HTML code with HTML with a widget.
In this particular example, I used the widget to add Hubspot blog subscription form.
Hubspot Form in Animated HTML5 file

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