Houston Chronicle B2B video

Houston Chronicle’s B2B marketing team has developed a video that shows reach stats.

This video is displaying most recent numbers for newspapers circulation and digital reach. We created this product as an addition to chronmarketing.com redesign and restructure. My team launched new marketing website in May of 2017. Updated architecture, that included an easy to access stats page was a big part of this relaunch.
Post launch UX research showed a great success of redesign project.
User survey has proven that internal and external users found “Our Reach” page helpful. And google analytics showed that this page is
2nd most visited page after home page.
Despite great preferments of the page alone I and my team craved better engagement. The video came to our radar as an option to display reach numbers.
In her article on Hubspot Blog, Sophia Bernazzan points out an importance of videos.
“Video is growing to dominate your audience’s online activity: 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day.”

Videos tend to keep users on the pages longer.
A survey published on Hubspot blog in January of 2017, showed that people are 4X times more likely to watch a video than reading about the product.
Videos are an incredible marketing tool outside of website as well. Videos get shared more often than images or articles on social media. A well-compressed video is easy to share via email or text message.

I started my work on this project by story boarding a video on giant post-it notes.

After reviewing and updating story board with my creative team, I build a scene by scene design in Adobe XD.
Adobe XD has become my favorite tool for wire framing, UX/UI design, and prototyping. I have worked with different Abode products for 12 years. Adobe XD comforts me with familiarity while proving access to many useful UX/UI design tools.
Houston Chronicle B2B video design created in Abode XD.

Houston Chronicle B2B video design created in Abode XD
I opted out for Tumult Hype to build a final video. I have experience working with Adobe After Effects, but I prefer Hype. Tumult Hype made developing an animated video or HTML file easy for me. I usually end up wrapping up with After Effects, to fine tune my videos.
Houston Chronicle B2B video open in Tumult Hype
It is very important to have a video optimized for web! Clip champ is my favorite online tool for video optimization!
Please take you time to watch this short video now.

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