Little things (animated thank you notes)

Every designer knows that not every project you work on is a hugely significant work, often it is about little things.

Today I worked on those cute animated Thank You Note for Houston Chronicle Media Group. The animated gifs will be used at the end of survey forms we create using TypeForm.
I love working on projects like this because they allow a designer to have some fun! There isn’t a big revenue number attached to them, which means they don’t come with as much pressure as big projects.
Here they are:

Little things (animated thank you notes) Little things (animated thank you notes)

I created those animated gifs using Tumult Hype.
Tumult Hype has quickly become my favorite animation tool for several different reasons:

  • it is easy to use
  • it is to export your animation in few different formats (video, html5 or animated gif)
  • it has great support ( guys from the support forum replied to my questions even over the weekend)
  • it is easy to create responsive HTML5 layouts

Adding video or audio files to Tumult Hype designs is my next adventure.

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