Sale IQ portal

Sale IQ portal is the most recent addition to ChronMarketing website.

Sales Marketing department has been sending weekly updated via email. Over the time this email got out of control. There was a lot of information which made email very long. In the addition, email temple was not set up by a professional designer. Old template was over 650 px wide and didn’t fit in Outlooks window.
Old Marketing Email
My team came up with an idea to build password protected internal portal in the addition to weekly email. I developed new email architecture based on analytics from past emails. We use Hubspot to send out internal emails, like this one. Hubspot comes with a set of built-in analytic tools. Based heat map and click through analytics I decided which parts need to stay and what needs to go. I built an email template that was under 650px wide and responsive.
Sales IQ email

Old email:

  • too wide to fit into most email client’s window
  • not responsive
  • too long
  • poorly organized information


New email:

  • right width
  • responsive
  • well organized and easy to follow information
  • shorter and easier to read
  • most recent sale wins
Sales IQ email iPad
Internal Sales Portal allowed shortening weekly email. This portal let sales people access any information they need in one place. They can download sale’s decks and recent reports there too. I included update dates for each report to encourage people to download fresh data.
Sales IQ portal
For this project, I used Adobe XD to create wire frames and prototypes, as well as design the layout.
As the rest of ChronMarketing website, Sales portal uses Hubspot as CMS. I build responsive templets for both email and web page using Hubspot’s template builder.

Sales Portal Features :

  • All the useful information in one place
  • Updated, easy to download reports
  • password protection
  • clean responsive layout
  • well organized information
  • most recent sale wins
 Sales IQ on mobile

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